Thoughts impact the world

olivier-fahrni-268660-unsplashIn my book I lay out a process where you can hold a powerful thought in your heart-field while in the midst of a group of people. Here is a basic summary:

While in a group of people, like coffee shops, airports, crowds, etc., begin repeating a powerful affirmation. Then drop that affirmation into the center of your chest and speak it from that vibrational place. Speak it over and over again, and intensely. In this way, you are doing two things. One, you are creating a subconscious shield, keeping unhealthy and toxic thoughts from entering the back door of your mind. Two, you are deliberately feeding the collective unconscious of everyone there with positive thoughts and energy.

Try it sometime.

Like right now, I am in a coffee shop, repeating command #1 of my mastermind book. It feels good, but I find that I have to keep up the emotional intensity with which I am repeating the affirmation. It is easy to slip back into passivity.

In a huge way, this earth is like one big coffee shop. We are all quantumly entangled with each other. The thoughts I hold in my mind and heart have a huge impact on other people, although most of the time I can’t consciously see the results of that impact. This holds true for negative as well as positive thoughts. A big part of my mission with this book is to witness thousands of people holding the same potent and loving thoughts in their hearts, connecting with each other, and helping to serve the planet in the most loving way possible, and all from within.

I am seeking to increase the powers of unconditional love, acceptance, gratitude, vulnerability, joy, and service through the thoughts we hold in our minds and hearts.

Any loving thought that we hold with emotional intensity in our chest both transforms our lives and inwardly broadcasts it on the inner web of thought to all humanity in an instant. Our thoughts will literally destroy our lives on this planet, or make this planet the most beautiful and safe place to live for all of life.

What are the thoughts I am thinking?

This is a powerful question. I must seek to become aware of what is going on, and then powerfully decide to think new thoughts. I have the power to think new thoughts. 

Thoughts impact life.

My thoughts make a difference. My thoughts can destroy or heal. My thoughts don’t stay with me, they ripple out to touch hearts and minds everywhere.  I am responsible for the thoughts I hold in my mind, both for the power they hold for my own life, but for the silent impact they have on others.

Now more than ever, it is time to be fierce about the thoughts I hold in my mind.

Fierce as a warrior in battle.

I choose to hold love in my mind and heart.

I choose this now.


Photo by Olivier Fahrni on Unsplash


7 miles of mountain gratitude

I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with my daughter today. I decided that we were going to take a long hike. Deer Springs trail is located in Idyllwild California, and it starts out by going pretty much straight up. So in the beginning, she was struggling. I kept telling her “you are stronger than you think you are,” to the point where she was getting quite annoyed with my motivational prompts.

Even though she found it hard, she pushed through anyway. We climbed up 3.5 miles to this view:


And here is a view of the village of Idyllwild below:


The lesson is so beautiful and true. When we just keep going, taking just one more step past the point where we think we can’t go any further, something amazing happens:

We grow.

We discover a reservoir of strength inside us that we didn’t know was there before. This can easily be translated over into emotional and spiritual growth. When life hits us, and we feel exhausted, and feel like we can’t take another step, but we keep going anyway, then we can reach inner heights more beautiful than any physical mountain we could ever climb.

Having a mountain to climb is a perfect mirror of this inner process.

“The Mountains are calling, and I must go.” John Muir.

And here we are at the top:


In the end, I have given her and myself a tangible lesson:

We can climb any mountain because the strength we have within is bigger than any obstacle we might face in life.

For this lesson, I am grateful.


copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

The Love Vibration

vesela-vaclavikova-624887-unsplashLove is intelligent energy that can be directed through the mind, heart, and hands for the benefit of anyone. It is equally accessible to all. Human beings are hard-wired to this energy at birth.  It is universal in nature, and presents itself as an expression of perfect wholeness in all times, moments, and places at the same time. The core of reality is this love.

I have enjoyed many years of training in various forms of energy healing, from Reiki to Quantum energy techniques, and I have definitely experienced and witnessed the healing power of love.

Try this:

Hold you hands apart about 6 inches, palms facing each other. Take some deep breaths, and as you do, hold the intention that the energy of love floods into this space of energy that you hold between your hands. Keep breathing, opening your heart, concentrating on this space, and flooding love into it.

Then mentally “place” anyone in this space. Wherever they are on the planet, or beyond the veil of death, they will receive this love. It will reach them instantly.

You can also place more than one person in this space as well.

There is a bigger explanation of this simple method in my book. However, you can start practicing this now. Take time each day and communicate the spiritual energy of love into this space. It will have a profound impact on both yourself and whomever you send the love to. Daily practice is essential.

I imagine that there are hundreds of thousands of us spiritual adventurers who are sending the love to the whole planet in this way. We have it within us to change everything, and make this world a better place to live for all of life. Love is not airy fairy, ineffectual exercises in fantasy – love is potent, profound, tangible, and real ENERGY that can heal bones, mend relationships, and make our planet more abundant and livable for all.


copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

Photo by Vesela Vaclavikova on Unsplash

Take responsibility

reinaldo-kevin-707545-unsplash“Your world and everything in it is a reflection of your own mental attitude toward yourself.” Earl Nighingale

There is so much power in taking responsibility for my life. This is the very first principle of success found in Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles.” (a must read) It is so easy to look outside myself when something happens that I don’t like and start the blame game. From relationships, to my health, to the state of my physical environment, to my finances – all of these are a reflection of my own mental and emotional attitude toward myself.

Whether it is a relationship that is causing me fits, or my health, I can ask myself, “Has a fundamental lack of self-respect and self-love contributed to this? And if so, how?

The lack of self-love creates major problems in the bedroom, in the bank statement, and in the belly and body. When I see that I haven’t been respecting myself, I can take responsibility and begin, now, to start valuing myself more. How can I love and value myself a little more? Speak up for myself? Honor myself? 

I am 100 percent responsible to love myself unconditionally. It is not the job of my parents, friends, lovers, spouses, or children. It is mine, and mine alone. As I love myself unconditionally, then I begin to teach other people how to treat me. I begin to see changes in my outer world that reflect this fundamental self-appreciation.

It all begins with affirmations of self-love:

I love myself. (Or, looking in the mirror, I love you)

I respect myself.

I appreciate myself.

I honor myself.

It is my job to love myself, and I gladly accept this responsibility.

I am a fabulous and wonderful human being.

I am the light of love.

I am the joy of love.

I am lovable, just as I am right now.

I accept my own love.

I love myself as a way to help make the world more loving.


Even if these statements feel awkward, I begin to repeat them anyway. Slowly, over time, and with enough practice, I can really begin to feel a growing self-esteem that gets brighter and brighter each day.

Command #2 of my book, The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind:

I now flood the energy of universal love through my mind and body in all moments. I love myself unconditionally – and I open even deeper now to receive and give this love to all life everywhere.

This is an energy infused command of the heart. Tap your chest and repeat it with feeling and passion. Do it over and over again, and then come back each day to repeat it some more. As you do, you will be 1) connecting on a spiritual level with everyone else on the planet who is repeating it, and 2) receiving the life force energy of love that is flowing through it, and 3) growing your self-love muscles.



copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

Photo by Reinaldo Kevin on Unsplash

To open the heart

anthony-intraversato-441229-unsplashOpening the heart is not so easy for a lot of us human beings. I know for me, it has been difficult at times. One lesson I have learned is that I cannot pry it open with a crow bar. If I try to do this, it shuts down tighter.

The practice, for me, is just being present with my clamped heart. If my chest is closed off and I am isolating from others, then I have the opportunity to love the part of me that did the closing. Accept myself completely.

A good question I ask myself is this, Could I allow my heart to open just a little more?

Allowing is the key. Not to blast the doors open and let in all the light at once. But to just allow my heart the space to crack open just a little more.

After I ask this, I listen.

If my heart stays closed, then my job is to give myself even more love. If it opens a little, then I can smile and relax, without asking it to open more. The truth is that the heart knows how to open, but needs to do so in its own time and in its own way.

Another method is to use the breath. As I take deep breaths, I imagine that my heart is opening at its own pace. I feel it opening, and I relax into that inner space. And even when I use the breath in this way, it is not to try to force open my heart, but to give it a kind of inner, spiritual massage. I imagine that my heart has wings, and they open as wide as they are able and willing with each new breath.

No hurry, sweet heart of mine.

I trust you.


More heart opening breathing meditations to come…

Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash