Day 8 of breathing, affirming, walking, and raw eating

mishal-ibrahim-649128-unsplashI am so grateful to check in and report that I am on day 8 of this 90 day journey, and I am feeling really great. I have kept up with drinking raw green vegetable smoothies during the day, and eating one big delicious raw green salad at night. I have also been breathing two chapters of my book each day, and I am noticing differences in my consciousness.

Repeating and feeling the affirmations from the center of my chest, in concert with my deep breaths, makes it easier to keep eating clean. And eating clean inspires me to keep anchoring the spiritual heart-commands even deeper into my chest. They are working synergistically together. Feels great.

Both of the above help me keep up with my speed walking schedule. This is the start of the 2nd week of consistent walking, which makes me feel even better.

Another benefit is that I am feeling a measure of inner peace when I am out in the thick of the world. I drive a lot for my work, and typically, I am reactive and easily frustrated. I have notices a huge reduction in my reactivity. I am more calm, and it is much easier to live and let live.

Clean eating, speed walking, and deep heart-centered affirmations.

I am excited to keep going!


Photo by Mishal Ibrahim on Unsplash

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