Thoughts impact the world

olivier-fahrni-268660-unsplashIn my book I lay out a process where you can hold a powerful thought in your heart-field while in the midst of a group of people. Here is a basic summary:

While in a group of people, like coffee shops, airports, crowds, etc., begin repeating a powerful affirmation. Then drop that affirmation into the center of your chest and speak it from that vibrational place. Speak it over and over again, and intensely. In this way, you are doing two things. One, you are creating a subconscious shield, keeping unhealthy and toxic thoughts from entering the back door of your mind. Two, you are deliberately feeding the collective unconscious of everyone there with positive thoughts and energy.

Try it sometime.

Like right now, I am in a coffee shop, repeating command #1 of my mastermind book. It feels good, but I find that I have to keep up the emotional intensity with which I am repeating the affirmation. It is easy to slip back into passivity.

In a huge way, this earth is like one big coffee shop. We are all quantumly entangled with each other. The thoughts I hold in my mind and heart have a huge impact on other people, although most of the time I can’t consciously see the results of that impact. This holds true for negative as well as positive thoughts. A big part of my mission with this book is to witness thousands of people holding the same potent and loving thoughts in their hearts, connecting with each other, and helping to serve the planet in the most loving way possible, and all from within.

I am seeking to increase the powers of unconditional love, acceptance, gratitude, vulnerability, joy, and service through the thoughts we hold in our minds and hearts.

Any loving thought that we hold with emotional intensity in our chest both transforms our lives and inwardly broadcasts it on the inner web of thought to all humanity in an instant. Our thoughts will literally destroy our lives on this planet, or make this planet the most beautiful and safe place to live for all of life.

What are the thoughts I am thinking?

This is a powerful question. I must seek to become aware of what is going on, and then powerfully decide to think new thoughts. I have the power to think new thoughts. 

Thoughts impact life.

My thoughts make a difference. My thoughts can destroy or heal. My thoughts don’t stay with me, they ripple out to touch hearts and minds everywhere.  I am responsible for the thoughts I hold in my mind, both for the power they hold for my own life, but for the silent impact they have on others.

Now more than ever, it is time to be fierce about the thoughts I hold in my mind.

Fierce as a warrior in battle.

I choose to hold love in my mind and heart.

I choose this now.


Photo by Olivier Fahrni on Unsplash


3 thoughts on “Thoughts impact the world

  1. Interesting post. So, if I got it correctly, you choose the thought to think based on what you are experiencing at that given moment, regardless of it being positive or negative, right? It seems that in doing so one would choose a thought to both be mindful and send out the most blissful vibes, which sounds awesome and totally doable!


    1. Yes, you got it perfectly. I think by default I have a tendency to hold more negative thoughts, so it takes more work in the beginning to hold the positive ones. So yes, pick a thought you love and blast that baby to everyone around you. Awesome!!


      1. I think most of us humans have this tendency as yours. I tried your technique a couple of days ago at the airport and on a plane. I started with an actual thought and then went on with a Thank You, which felt more natural to me. It does make you feel centered and mindful, for sure!


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