The Love Vibration

vesela-vaclavikova-624887-unsplashLove is intelligent energy that can be directed through the mind, heart, and hands for the benefit of anyone. It is equally accessible to all. Human beings are hard-wired to this energy at birth.  It is universal in nature, and presents itself as an expression of perfect wholeness in all times, moments, and places at the same time. The core of reality is this love.

I have enjoyed many years of training in various forms of energy healing, from Reiki to Quantum energy techniques, and I have definitely experienced and witnessed the healing power of love.

Try this:

Hold you hands apart about 6 inches, palms facing each other. Take some deep breaths, and as you do, hold the intention that the energy of love floods into this space of energy that you hold between your hands. Keep breathing, opening your heart, concentrating on this space, and flooding love into it.

Then mentally “place” anyone in this space. Wherever they are on the planet, or beyond the veil of death, they will receive this love. It will reach them instantly.

You can also place more than one person in this space as well.

There is a bigger explanation of this simple method in my book. However, you can start practicing this now. Take time each day and communicate the spiritual energy of love into this space. It will have a profound impact on both yourself and whomever you send the love to. Daily practice is essential.

I imagine that there are hundreds of thousands of us spiritual adventurers who are sending the love to the whole planet in this way. We have it within us to change everything, and make this world a better place to live for all of life. Love is not airy fairy, ineffectual exercises in fantasy – love is potent, profound, tangible, and real ENERGY that can heal bones, mend relationships, and make our planet more abundant and livable for all.


copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

Photo by Vesela Vaclavikova on Unsplash

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