Take responsibility

reinaldo-kevin-707545-unsplash“Your world and everything in it is a reflection of your own mental attitude toward yourself.” Earl Nighingale

There is so much power in taking responsibility for my life. This is the very first principle of success found in Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles.” (a must read) It is so easy to look outside myself when something happens that I don’t like and start the blame game. From relationships, to my health, to the state of my physical environment, to my finances – all of these are a reflection of my own mental and emotional attitude toward myself.

Whether it is a relationship that is causing me fits, or my health, I can ask myself, “Has a fundamental lack of self-respect and self-love contributed to this? And if so, how?

The lack of self-love creates major problems in the bedroom, in the bank statement, and in the belly and body. When I see that I haven’t been respecting myself, I can take responsibility and begin, now, to start valuing myself more. How can I love and value myself a little more? Speak up for myself? Honor myself? 

I am 100 percent responsible to love myself unconditionally. It is not the job of my parents, friends, lovers, spouses, or children. It is mine, and mine alone. As I love myself unconditionally, then I begin to teach other people how to treat me. I begin to see changes in my outer world that reflect this fundamental self-appreciation.

It all begins with affirmations of self-love:

I love myself. (Or, looking in the mirror, I love you)

I respect myself.

I appreciate myself.

I honor myself.

It is my job to love myself, and I gladly accept this responsibility.

I am a fabulous and wonderful human being.

I am the light of love.

I am the joy of love.

I am lovable, just as I am right now.

I accept my own love.

I love myself as a way to help make the world more loving.


Even if these statements feel awkward, I begin to repeat them anyway. Slowly, over time, and with enough practice, I can really begin to feel a growing self-esteem that gets brighter and brighter each day.

Command #2 of my book, The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind:

I now flood the energy of universal love through my mind and body in all moments. I love myself unconditionally – and I open even deeper now to receive and give this love to all life everywhere.

This is an energy infused command of the heart. Tap your chest and repeat it with feeling and passion. Do it over and over again, and then come back each day to repeat it some more. As you do, you will be 1) connecting on a spiritual level with everyone else on the planet who is repeating it, and 2) receiving the life force energy of love that is flowing through it, and 3) growing your self-love muscles.



copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

Photo by Reinaldo Kevin on Unsplash

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