To open the heart

anthony-intraversato-441229-unsplashOpening the heart is not so easy for a lot of us human beings. I know for me, it has been difficult at times. One lesson I have learned is that I cannot pry it open with a crow bar. If I try to do this, it shuts down tighter.

The practice, for me, is just being present with my clamped heart. If my chest is closed off and I am isolating from others, then I have the opportunity to love the part of me that did the closing. Accept myself completely.

A good question I ask myself is this, Could I allow my heart to open just a little more?

Allowing is the key. Not to blast the doors open and let in all the light at once. But to just allow my heart the space to crack open just a little more.

After I ask this, I listen.

If my heart stays closed, then my job is to give myself even more love. If it opens a little, then I can smile and relax, without asking it to open more. The truth is that the heart knows how to open, but needs to do so in its own time and in its own way.

Another method is to use the breath. As I take deep breaths, I imagine that my heart is opening at its own pace. I feel it opening, and I relax into that inner space. And even when I use the breath in this way, it is not to try to force open my heart, but to give it a kind of inner, spiritual massage. I imagine that my heart has wings, and they open as wide as they are able and willing with each new breath.

No hurry, sweet heart of mine.

I trust you.


More heart opening breathing meditations to come…

Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash

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