Jump, please

denny-luan-125448-unsplashI am here, right here, on the edge of nothingness. A huge cavern is below me. Nothing but open air. It is my job to step off the cliff. My only job…

That is how I feel when I stare at the white screen.  So often, I delay. I look away. I take a sip of tea. I look at social media. Anything but the sitting. Anything but the blank screen.

But then, it takes just a second and my fingers are dancing. The love is flowing. The juices are pumping.

My job is to do the jumping.

It is up to the universe to do the filling and the overflowing.

I have decided to write about what I truly enjoy: love, awakening, energy, meditation, growth, affirmation, enlightenment. To really write what my soul demands that I write, and let all the chips fall where they may.

I am also an attorney by trade. Today, I drove almost 200 miles to register my credentials with the immigration court in Adelanto California. It was a very long drive into the high desert, but that time affords me plenty of opportunity to practice my heart-commands and dream up new stuff to write about.

I made it back to my place in the mountains to spend some time updating my blogs. I am grateful for each and every moment I get to live in this body, on this earth, at this time. I am grateful I get to write, to breathe, to sleep and wake, to dream and love. I am so honored and grateful for the privilege of being alive.



Photo by Denny Luan on Unsplash

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