Thaw, please.

alto-crew-524959-unsplash (1)This is a simple post, internally asking that my writing freeze be thawed. I have felt frozen when it comes to this blog. Not sure what to say, so I just sink back down into this comfortable cave in my heart. I have found it easier to watch Netflix than to stare at a blank screen and face myself.

I now start this thawing process by just writing something.  Anything.

I don’t like these little frozen winters of my creative expression. Another word for it is Resistance.  But I want to say something to this foe that has dogged me my whole life: You can’t keep me from getting up again. You can rise up in my chest and throat and grab me with you clenched fist and try to pull me back down into the darkness of comfortable mediocrity, but you cannot keep me from rising up again.

And that is what I am doing. I am rising up again. Speaking up. With a deep breath, I am rising up again. That is the beauty of being human: if we aren’t dead, we can get up and get back to it again.

So, I must thaw this frozen resistance. I must face the Ice Monster with my torch, look right into its face, and keep writing no matter what.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be writing more about my work, sharing more about this unique heart-based mastermind, beginning now:

When we anchor the very same energy infused thoughts into our energetic hearts, we connect on a spiritual level. Yeah, we may never meet in person, but our hearts will know each other across time and space. These 8 sacred commands of the heart are designed to connect us on a spiritual level, and help us bring in more love, compassion, kindness, peace, and real joy into our everyday lives. They are designed to help uplift the whole of human consciousness, one beautiful heart at a time, connecting with another, and another still.

I believe in the power of hearts connecting around potent thoughts and commands.

I call to anyone reading these words to take a few deep, long, delicious, and loving breaths, and repeat the following command while gently tapping the center of your chest in a rhythmic, drum like manner as many times as you wish:

The highest love that I am is now wholly awake and manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind.

This is the first command. It is a call to our highest nature, to our most benevolent selves, to the magnificent beauty and energy of our souls to be made manifest, here and now, within and through our human bodies, minds, and forms. As you repeat it, feel for that connection with myself and anyone else who ever repeats it, in any moment in time, and in any place on earth.

Relax and enjoy this connection.

Love is the energy and consciousness that is present in all moments and all times.

We are that love.


Photo by Alto Crew on Unsplash

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