Who am I?

I have been watching my life lately. Watching myself move through the day…

I am getting out of bed and getting ready for work…

I am driving…

I am at work….

I am driving back…

I am watching shows…

I am sitting in the hot springs…

I am sleeping.

Then, the next day, I repeat the process.

I see myself going through all of these daily transitions. And I wonder… is that me doing all of this stuff? Or am I the one watching myself do it all? Which is me? The doer or the watcher?

Who am I?

I believe I am the watcher. The witness.

I am the consciousness of love that witnesses each and every moment of my life with total compassion. I am the energy of love that flows with abandon through each activity, each breath, each thought, and each step.

I love to witness my life with love. It means that I am not my experiences, not the pains and the difficulties – that there is a me that transcends it all. Tapping into this transcendent consciousness allows me to live more fully in the moment, to feel everything, to love myself, and make a definite moment-to-moment decision to be a presence of love in this world.



Photo credit: Julia Ceasar via Unsplash

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