Open the cellular doors to the flood of love

With each breath in, I consciously intend that the curtain of my cells and atoms open wider and wider. This is my sacred task, to open.

With each breath out, I hold open my precious heart and ask, allow, intend, and feel that the primordial love that permeates all time and space — rush, flood, and pour through my body.

Loving myself first, my aches, pains, regrets, hurts, mistakes.

Then letting go, allowing the energy of love to flow to you, humanity, the earth, and all life. Asking to be the empty bed of the river.

I keep breathing, keep stretching my heart wider, keep giving myself the love I needed but never received – for it is my job to love myself unconditionally – not the job of my kids, parents, lovers, or the world – it is mine.

Then, yes, it is my job to let go of the love, to keep it from becoming a narcissistic loop, and let it flow free to benefit all life.

Only love is real in the end.

The pain, conflicts, angry words, corrosive shame, racing fear, free floating anxiety, trauma, mistakes, divisions, long periods of not talking, hiding from each other, the loneliness, the anger, the rage, the depression – all of it dissolves away in the end.

All of it gone.

Dissolved in love.

But I don’t have to wait for the end.

All that isn’t love can melt away on the currents of my love-charged breath through this human form.

Until this human form vibrates at such a level…

that only light remains.

But for now, let me breathe open my heart wider, my cells wider, my atoms wider and wider, and allow this sweet universal nectar to flood me.



Photo credit: Bart LaRue via Unsplash

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