Bury your affirmations

I am totally into affirmations. I love the idea of taking a powerful and positive thought and making it real in my body, mind, and life. I practice what I call “heart-centered autosuggestion” – which basically means to get thoughts and affirmations lodged in the emotional centers of the chest as a way to reach and reprogram the subconscious mind.

I see my subconscious mind as the basement of my consciousness, and even the basement has levels. The high subconscious mind is information that I can access pretty easily – like when I memorize a poem or something. It is right below the surface.

Then there is the deep subconscious mind, all the way down to the complete unconscious: the crawl spaces underneath the concrete floor in the basement of my mind.

There are all kinds of creepy crawlers down in the deepest depths. Cellular memories. Buried traumas. Past agreements. False beliefs. Distortions. All of these things. Back when I lived in Kansas, we had these nasty little critters that lived in the basement:

They hopped and hobbled, and often had just one leg because our cats would pounce on them them and rip their legs off. They always creeped me out.

That is where I try to get my affirmations. In the down deep. It takes repeating them with emotional intensity and passion. Nothing gets into the subconscious or the unconscious that is not imbued with emotion. Emotion is like the doorway that leads down. Then there is repetition.

Emotion plus repetition equals entry into the land of the camel crickets of the subconscious mind.

If I can get the affirmation in the chest, the heart-field, then the intelligent energy of my heart will carry it as deep as I ask.

One symbolic way to do that is to physically bury a hand-written copy of my affirmation. What I do is write the affirmation on a piece of wood, or on a piece of paper, (something totally biodegradable), and then dig a nice hole of at least a foot, and then bury it.

Then, every time I repeat that affirmation, my mind will be reminded that it is buried in the ground, and then further translated to being buried in my subconscious and the unconscious mind.

Another intention of burying affirmations is to offer them as prayers for the highest good of all creatures that walk upon the earth, all plants, all animals, and all life.

Beginning next Thursday night, I am going to do my very best to repeat an affirmation (Command #1 of my book) for a whole 24 hours. At the end of that period, I am going to bury a hand-written copy.



Photo credit – Luis Vidal via Unsplash (top photo)

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