Repeat an affirmation for 24 hours

I am always setting incredible challenges for myself.

I propose a 24 hour “lock in” where I repeat the 1st Command contained within my book for that entire period of time. This is how I plan on doing it:

I am going to drive to a nice hot springs that I enjoy going to, and rent a room. I will invite in my spiritual teachers, guides, and masters – and invite in everyone who will ever repeat.Then, from 6 pm to 6 pm the following night, I will passionately repeat this command/affirmation the entire time:

The highest love that I am is now wholly awake and manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind.

This is an energy infused affirmation and command of the heart. Each time anyone, anywhere, repeats it – they are 1) connecting on the level of the heart and soul with everyone else who does the same thing in any moment in time, and 2) receives the beneficial flows of life force energy for their immediate benefit.

I will speak it passionately, whisper it, and silently repeat it – continuously. I will do my best to stay up for the entire 24 hour period. If I must sleep, I will do so in short one or two hour naps, and only if I am listening to the affirmation being spoken through headphones. So its a 24 hour bombardment. All while quarantining myself from outside stimulus.

The only time I will leave my room is to go out and sit on the sacred ground, or to sit in the water, all while not talking to anyone. I will totally keep to myself, and keep repeating the affirmation – silently if I am in front of people.

When my mind wanders and strays off course, as it surely will, I will bring it back. No Netflix. No social media. No calls. No texts. Just me and the command.

The challenge is to repeat it with intense passion and power, and do so for 24 hours — all while holding the command in my heart-field, speaking it from my heart-field, and with the intention that the highest love that I am fully manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind.

My intention is to dissolve my ego, mind, and heart in the energy and consciousness of love.

At the end of the 24 hours, I will bury a hand-written copy of the affirmation in the ground as an offering to all life on this planet.

The point of this whole exercise is to fully plant the realization, essence, and truth of the command deep into my heart and subconscious mind.



Photo credit – Casey Horner via Unsplash

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