May our highest love awaken now

May the brilliance of pure love within all cells, all atoms, and all people awaken with abandon into full and complete manifestation on this planet. May that magnificence laying dormant underneath the conditioning, the shame, fear, and programming – may that magnificent universe of pure love awaken within and through our human forms.

May this love flow unobstructed through our human frailty, through our human forms, through our hearts and minds, giving ourselves this absolute, radical, and unconditional love first – and then letting it out, letting our hearts soar, letting the winds of pure peace flow through us with abandon, touching hearts unknown to our thinking minds, but fully known to our heart-fields.

May this love uncover our original innocence, our unaltered purity that is home in the zero point field, and may we see this innocence, love this innocence, protect this innocence – in ourselves first, and naturally extending that to everyone around us.

May our innocence lead us home, carry us forward to the next evolutionary step of human consciousness.

May we embody the cosmic sound of love, Aum, Om, Amen, in all its original expressions and forms, this Holy Sound flooding our minds like a roaring river of pure power, joy, and peace, washing ourselves clean, unearthing our shadows, revealing our pain, and then releasing and transmuting the old memories into fresh beginnings.

May we practice radical, unconditional, quantum, and energetic forgiveness. May we plant the power of forgiveness in our bones and bellies, in our sidewalks and cities, in our cells and atoms, in our relationships and policies, in our hearts and souls, in our bodies and in our minds.

May we embody gratitude that grows each and every day, becoming more potent, more real, cracking us open deeper and opening our vulnerability, our passion, our peace.

May we sink ever so softly into the stillness of our infinite beings, and live the freedom of love that we are.

May we feel the original joy of our souls rising up like an unstoppable geyser from the unfathomable depths of us, bursting through our sacred chests of light – ever-new joy, ever-increasing joy – bursting into bliss unimaginable with our previous eyes of sorrow.

May this joy burn, burn, and burn away galaxies of memories still lingering in our cells and atoms, releasing the past forever, opening up the eternal now that engulfs entire star systems with a single burst of laughing fire.

May we place the whole earth and all her people, all her plants, all her animals, all her water, winds, soil, and life — all of it within our heart-spaces of unconditional love.

May we literally flood our highest love into all life – loving all unconditionally – positively, immediately, and eternal impacting all physical, emotional, and spiritual life on this planet.

May we envision, witness, create, work for, and see manifest a world of plenty, a world of peace, a world of freedom for all life that walks upon our sacred home.



Photo credit: Ruben Gutierrez via Unsplash

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