Letting-go of the desire to control

For me, there is a deep place in my chest, body, and mind where I grasp onto reality, attempt to control, gain approval, manipulate outcomes, etc.

I take a deep, long, inhaling breath – and as I exhale – I sink into my body and witness this need, this desire for control. I let it be there.

I just notice it.

Then I take more deep breaths and access my spiritual power to let-go. Just as grasping and controlling is within me, so is the ability to let-go.

I release, at the core of me, the need or desire to control or manage reality. I release the desire to control others. I release the desire to resist other people’s attempt to control me. I simply allow myself to be. I am unbound awareness that witnesses it all.

I let-go of body, mind, thought, feeling — all of it.

I wonder, who am I when I let everything go?

When everything I see, think, and feel – disappears forever – who am I?



Phot credit: Leio McLaren via Unsplash

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