The power of sitting with a shattered heart

My heart feels shattered, beaten down, broken. With my soul of transcendent compassion, I drop down into the shattered places, I sit next to the shards, and I commit to being present with myself.

I breathe, and sit with myself.

It’s okay.

There is nothing to change, nowhere to go, nothing to hide.

I breathe even deeper, and presence myself.

I wrap unbound awareness around all that hurts within me. I peer even deeper into the open spaces of my sweet heart, and I step lightly, a gentle smile on my face, letting my hurting parts know that they are safe, that I won’t chase them, or demand that they go away, or lock them in the underworld.

It is okay to say to the world, “I am hurting,” while also setting boundaries from those afraid of their own pain that they try to chase mine away with their well-intentioned codependency.

I am hurting.

It hurts to be alive.

But I am also breathing, smiling, feeling some gratitude and joy, and walking through it.

More than anything, what hurts inside us just wants to be seen, acknowledged, presenced. That is what I am doing as I write these words. Looking deep into my openness inside my chest, moment to moment, I keep re-committing to be there for myself.

When we can be there, deeply and truly, with and for ourselves – we can more authentically show up for our families, our communities, and the world.

Not easy.

But worth it.



Photo credit: Jilbert Ebrahimi via Unsplash

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