Love releases everything unlike itself

When I affirm that the highest love of the whole universe is manifest fully and completely in my mind and body – and when I anchor that thought in my heart and subconscious mind – then everything that I isn’t of love must come up and out.

Everything in me that is out of alignment with pure love must be released. This old material is over a lower vibration than that of the love I am affirming, so it must go. This is why this work can be so painful at times. Like now.

It is like taking a ball of pure light and submerging it into a murky ocean. As that ball of light continues to shimmer, shine, burn, and awaken the water around it, then all the goblins must come up to be healed and released.

I feel like anything other than love right now. Feelings of being a failure, of depression, sadness, hopelessness, despair — all seem to be rising up and out of me at the moment. I feel like a failure at embodying love. It is hard for me to even repeat any of the commands.

Feelings pass, however. While the consciousness of love that I am will outlast these feelings.

This is unconscious blowback to the full and total affirmation of love. All my old pain, patterns, grief, anger — rises up to rebel. The truth is that, in my cellular memories, in my subconscious mind, a lot of lies, false beliefs, memories, and pain have taken up residence for many, many years.

When the energy of love moves to town, the old residents try to run the foreigner out.

That is where being a spiritual warrior comes in handy. I affirm that the highest love of the whole universe is manifest within and as my human body — even if it hurts like hell. Even if old patterns rise up, and I get hijacked by past trauma, blow up, get mad, freak out, pass out, or whatever — I must keep affirming through these periods.

Life isn’t easy right now.

Affirming myself as love in this body is even harder.



Photo credit: Justin Chen via Unsplash

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