Aham Prema – I am Divine Love

Aham Prema (Ahum preh-maah) is such a beautiful affirmation. It is Sanskrit for “I am Divine Love.” Spoken and chanted by ancient sages for millennia. Itself an energy field that calls all sincere hearts to the harvest table of remembrance.

Aham Prema – I am Divine Love is an affirmation, or a command of the heart and soul, that combines the ancient language with the modern English language.

I am Divine Love. This realization, this awakening, removes so much unwanted and old debris from my cellular kingdoms and from my mental and emotional bodies. What else matters but this full awakening?

Making the affirmation a vibrational command of the heart-field is as simple as tapping the center of my chest with an open hand in a drum-like manner as I repeat it with passionate and emotional intensity.

Aham Prema – I am Divine Love. Speaking with such inner authority and conviction that every cell and atom of my body shakes with its truth. Pictures fall from the walls. Furniture is removed. The walls of delusion around me begin to crack and crumble. Locked up memories are free to release and transmute. Stored emotions leave the body and find their home in the ether.

Aham Prema – I am Divine Love. Pounding the ancient drum of my heart as I speak this truth of my soul, 12 times in a row. Speaking it as an incantation, as a call of the heart to be heard by the distant heavens and farthest reaches of the cosmos.

Aham Prema – I am Divine Love. Connecting on a heart-centered level with every illuminated sage, soul, and seeker in every moment along the endless corridor of time. All of us seeking the redemption found in simply remembering the magnificence of who we are. Regardless of time, space, distance, dream — we are all connected in this grand awakening of love.

Aham Prema – I am Divine Love. Where once I beheld a solid physical form, now I see and feel only transparent vibrations of ecstatic love — all seeking expression, fulfillment, and giving – always giving, onward forever, to the next heart and the next soul and the next new expression.

Aham Prema – I am Divine Love. Freedom and peace are my birthright and I demand them now. I demand them as a Child of the Infinite, endowed with the inborn right, honor, and privilege to shed my egoic dreams and awaken fresh in the garden of illumination.

Aham Prema – I am Divine Love. Fierce and strong, I stay rooted in my body. My commitment is to embody love, not to escape in the fantasy of love, to live love, not to bypass my humanness for the sake of feeling numb. Love is feeling, courage, and love is a visceral ecstasy that swirls together the ingredients of pain, grief, joy and rapturous bliss – all at the same time.

Aham Prema – I am Divine Love. All other desires, pursuits, dreams, designs, plans, emotions, thoughts — may they all empty into this one central commitment and fire of desire — to awaken, remember, and live the love that I am.



Photo credit by Sarah Ball via Unsplash

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