My most fascinating death dream

About four of us were driving down a mountain road. My oldest brother was driving, and laughing at something on the radio. He took a corner going too fast, and right before the guard rail started – we plunged off the side of the mountain.

Everything turned to slow motion. I saw that we were dropping a long way and would surely die.

I was calm and clear. I repeated the name “Yogananda” (Indian Mystic and a Yogi who brought eastern practices to the west in the 1920s) and then said to the Divine Source, “I love you, God.”

I wanted my last thoughts to be on love.

Strangely enough, since it was all in slow motion, all the participants in the car decided to ceremoniously eat a cracker. They offered it to me, and I declined.

We all died.

They brought our bodies to a place and laid them under a tree for a period of mourning. I will still connected to my body, more as a witness, and more for the benefit of everyone who was grieving, rather than for myself.


So there it is. I feel great that I was calm and relaxed as I was dying, and that I consciously thought of a great spiritual teacher and expressed love for the Divine.

I have heard it said that the last thoughts we think as we die will have a major impact on our next life. Others have said that it’s not necessarily the literal thought in our heads at death, but the predominant thought that ruled our whole lives, that will shape the next life.

Either way, I am happy with my death dream. I feel so much more peace today.

Death dreams have so much to teach us.

I am a willing student.



Photo credit: Ian Espinosa via Unsplash

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