Self-forgiveness heals ourselves and the planet

Forgiveness of self opens the doors for the others to forgive themselves. When two or more people apply the healing balm of self-forgiveness to their cells, atoms, and emotions – then a wider doorway opens for many others. When a larger percentage of the human population begins to experience the inner freedom that comes from the courageous act of self-forgiveness, then something magical and mysterious happens on a mass scale.

A tipping point is reached.

The planet shifts, awakens, and evolves.

And it all started with the simple act of self-forgiveness.

Inner peace is the only lasting pathway to world peace.

Command #6 of The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind:

In the holy sacred name of love – I now radically and unconditionally forgive myself on the deepest levels of my body and mind.

This is where to begin. Calling upon the name of love, make a powerful, internal, and sincere decision to forgive yourself. Repeat the above command with passionate intensity, spiritual authority, and with inner grace. Speak it from the center of power in your chest – free all your cells and atoms from the cages of toxic shame, buried guilt, and years of self-hatred.

Let the above command take root in the crawl spaces in the basement of your subconscious mind. Let self-forgiveness grow, curl, and vine itself up along the moist basement walls, and eventually crack through the floor boards in the living room of your conscious awareness.

As you repeat, feel, and vibrate the above command from inside your innermost being, feel for that magical connection with all others who are doing the same thing. We are intertwined. We are connected. We are made from the same cloth of love. When we do the work individually, but in a connected state, a larger mastermind is created.

A mastermind of the heart.

One created out of love, for love, and to awaken further the powers of forgiveness, peace, joy, and gratitude upon this planet.



Photo credit: Sasha Freemind via Unsplash

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