12 deep, delicious, heart-expanding breaths

Whatever my plans are, however frantic I am, whatever deadlines, goals, and demands are pressing upon my mind — it can all wait for me to take 12 deep, soul-expanding, love flooding breaths.

It all can wait.

12 slow deep breaths take me about 1 minute and a half. It is much needed time away from work, kids, social media, my phone, texts, email, etc.

I deserve at least this much time for myself.

Keeping my eyes closed and my mind and awareness anchored in my chest the whole time…

Breathing all the way in, I fill my belly and my chest completely with air as I open the emotional center of my heart-field and imagine it rising above my head to re-align my mind and body with the highest love that I am.

Breathing all the way out, I pour that love down and through my being, loving myself unconditionally, telling myself how loved I am, connecting with Source, and extending this love through my body to everyone in the world: friends, family, strangers, and foes alike.

As I breathe, I release everything from my mind that simply doesn’t matter: Desires for control and approval. Ego demands. Perseverating fears. Angst. Tension. Stress.

12 continuous breaths in this way, with no pauses between them, and I am reconnected with my core.

I am shifted.

I am grateful.



Photo credit: Pablo Orcaray via Unsplash

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