I am lovable just as I am right now

I am lovable just as I am right now.

This is a simple, potent, and heart-stirring affirmation for me. What I do is tap the center of my chest and repeat the affirmation slowly, and with feeling. As I do this, I can feel parts of me that feel unlovable coming to the surface. Old pain starts to unthaw.

As I affirm how lovable I am, how unlovable I feel comes to the surface. This is when I can drop the rainfall of more gentleness and self-compassion onto the soil of my heart and mind. The parts of my that feel unlovable are the most lovable of them all. I keep in mind that they are just feelings, and feelings are not always truth. Feelings sometimes come from dark closets of our memories where we store the lies that other people told us about who we are.

The truth is that we have been conditioned to feel unlovable, when the truth of our lovability has been there the whole time. We have always been lovable – our sweet innocence has never left us – it has only buried under memories, stories, and beliefs that we hold in our bodies and minds.

I am lovable just as I am right now.

Speaking this, it brings up tears.

I am lovable… this means that being born OF love, then I cannot be anything other than lovable. Regardless of what happened to me or what was told to me, I have always been lovable.

Just as I am… this means exactly as I feel, with all my regrets, fears, hang-ups, quirks, patterns, addictions, etc.

Right now… this means in this precise moment I am writing these words, all of it, the painful and the pleasurable. Not as I wish I would be tomorrow, but as I am right now. It means totally accepting myself in this moment for all of it.

As I repeat this affirmation, and all of the heart-commands in my book, I am also prepared to have all sorts of things arise that seem unlovable start swirling up into my awareness. What about this? Or that? Every nasty critter in the closet of my memories may come to the surface to counteract this simple, potent affirmation. My job is to keep affirming, and to keep loving everything that comes up. And most of all, to be kind to myself.

Easier said than done.



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