Breathing Universal Love through the body

I now breathe all the love in the whole universe through my human form in service to the planet and all life.

The movement of pure love through the human body reveals that the body itself is a transparent vibrational architecture – not solid and fixed at all – but fluid and in continuous ever-expanding, evolving motion. This insight is best discovered on a feeling-based, visceral level rather than on an intellectual level.

Pure love is universal intelligent energy and consciousness which is the foundation of the quantum field. Love is present in all moments and all places. It is the seat of our higher selves.

Breathing in, I open and ascend my heart-center to reach and stretch and merge with all the love in the entire universe.

Breathing out, I literally flood all this love down through my human form, through my head and hands, arms and legs — all to serve the awakening of love’s brilliance on this planet.

Keeping my breaths deep and continuous, I inwardly express gratitude and thanks for the privilege of having this energy of love flow through me. Thank you.

As I breathe this love through my body, I look deep into my chest — and I inquire. I peer into my cells. With feeling based inspection, I look deeper and deeper. I allow this body to reveal to me its transparency – as I witness the whole majesty of the universe unfolding gracefully through my sacred chest of light.



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