I consciously dissolve myself in love

Here is an intention that came to me while I drove to spend the day at the hot springs with my daughter:

I now consciously and deliberately choose to dissolve my mind, body, emotions, and ego into the ocean of ecstatic love within me. Where once I saw a body, now I see and feel only love. I now tap the center of my heart-field with an open hand as I state and anchor this intention into my emotional body, into my nervous system, and into my cells and atoms. All that exists, is love. In this love, I lose my mind and all my stories and plans. Love is all I that am.

Feel free to repeat the above command with me. Just take a few deep breaths and repeat it slowly and passionately as you tap the center of your chest. Feel into the spiritual connection with everyone else doing the same thing in any moment in time.

This is my plan, my supreme goal in life, and I keep doing my best to let-go of everything that isn’t love while also doing my best to exercise self-care, self-compassion, and self-gentleness when I fall short.

I have been feeling a lot of sadness and grief lately. Being a parent is brutal. I have raised 5 children. Two are step children. Three adopted. Two remaining. One on the way out, and also throwing all kinds of crap at myself and his mother, while I keep finding myself throwing it back. In so many ways, I feel like a failure as a parent. But looking at myself from a global perspective – I see that I am probably way to hard on myself.

It’s hard.


So I keep repeating my commands, my affirmations, keep demanding and commanding on a deep and primordial level that the energy of love step up, through me, as me, and live through me. May I be the ecstatic witness to the magnificence of love manifesting in my life.



I made a promise to myself to keep sharing my work with the world. So here is a link to read more about the book, The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind, that wrote itself through me.

Copyright 2018 Danny Skyfeather

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