The implications of love’s full manifestation within, through, and as the human body

The whole premise of these 8 commands is that we have higher selves – that there are higher aspects and angels of our nature – that there is a love that is higher than our personalities, bodies, problems, dramas, and egos – that we are eternal, infinite beings – that all of this life is nothing more than a temporary lightning flash in the memory of our souls. The whole practice is to take that highest love that we are in spirit, and bring it down and see it manifest in our bodies, our minds, our relationships, and in every other area of our lives.

How would my life look and feel when I let everything go and fully awaken, remember, and embody the love that I am?

I keep asking – and this asking is itself an aching.

The implications are staggering, and the practice can be uncomfortable and frightening at times. This is because it involves the surrendering of our egos, of the ideas that we cling to so fervently, and of the daily routines that make us feel so safe.

But that safety is an illusion. We are not really safe — meaning — our bodies are destined to land on the “all you can eat” buffet table of worms. Then there is emotional safety we seek — no such thing. We can never keep things, circumstances, and people outside of us from changing so that we don’t have to feel emotionally uncomfortable. It isn’t going to happen. Yet, we cling. And cling, and cling.

So what does a life look and feel like when the energy of pure, unconditional, universal, and transcendent love fully blossoms, rises up, remembers itself, and lives through and as the human body and mind?

Speaking for myself, what does this mean to me? What will this look like? Feel like? Be like?

This contemplation is scary and exhilarating at the same time.

These questions are themselves a quest. It is forever unfolding from moment to moment, with no concrete answer, no complete definition, no right and wrong — this is because the energy of love is a river with no boundaries, always overflowing it’s so-called banks, accepting everything as it is, always overflowing, always extending its reach beyond the impossible.

I believe that when the human body becomes the fully manifested expression of pure love, then we will see abilities and insights arise within us that will stagger the imagination. We will become multi-faceted — totally awake spiritually, while fully rooted and grounded physically. Many of the problems that we face as a species will be spontaneously solved, and rendered moot, when we dissolve our consciousness in pure love.

The highest love that I am is now wholly awake and manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind.

This command of the heart contains the fully awakened energetic signature of love’s full manifestation within and as the human body and mind. The practice is to repeat it emotionally, energetically, with feeling and passion, and from the center of our energetic heart-fields. As we drop this thought into our chests, we get it into our bodies, our cells, and our subconscious minds.

The first command of this mastermind is therefore foundational. Meaning, if we really dove head and heart-first into this one, then all the rest will be automatic realities. All are contained in love, and love is contained in each.

I am fully committed to realizing the truth that this command points to. And I now consciously and deliberately send out a heart-call to all others, aligning silently in spirit with all of you to see the awakening of love happen on a mass scale all over this planet.



The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind

copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

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