I AM is the most powerful affirmation in the universe

I AM is the most powerful affirmation in the universe. It is inexorably linked to the Sound of AUM. It is the first cause of all that is. The one sound that penetrates, gives birth to, and receives all shapes, all forms, and all variations of sounds back into itself.

I AM is the voice of silence, the voice of stillness. Follow I AM into the unfathomable depths of being, beyond all form, all sight, and all appearances.

Repeat I AM 12 times in a row while tapping the center of your chest with an open hand. See and imagine that the words I AM are literally planted inside your chest bone, and hovers in the middle of your body. Repeat the two words with such intensity, such inner power, that all sleeping cells in your body simply must wake up to the blueprint of pure light that is enfolded within them.

Breathe deeply, expanding your belly and your chest as you reach and expand your heart above your head, reaching for the heavens of higher dimensions, where I AM is the one primordial truth. Breathing out, flood I AM consciousness and energy through your open heart-field, through every cell of your body, into the earth, and offering this ecstasy to all life everywhere.

I AM contains the universe.

You are I AM.

You, therefore, contain the universe.

Enfolded and smiling inside the marrow of your bones, the universe lives, breaths, and is forever aching to unfold.

In speaking, and more importantly, in feeling the words I AM reverberate through every atom and particle of your being, you are giving the enfolded universe permission to unfold through you now.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind

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