The purpose of life is love

I now communicate the highest love that I am through my human mind and body for the benefit of all life on this planet.

Our bodies are transmission stations of love. Each cell, each atom, heart, mind — all are designed to give and receive the purest, sweetest, and most ecstatic love.

When we can open up to receive our highest love, embody our highest love, and give our highest love – then we can discover our inborn freedom.

The purpose of life is love.

We can even channel love through our human forms with such an intensity, that our bodies disappear from our inner sight. There is an affirmation contained in The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind that I love so much. It is so simple, but represents my highest goals for this life:

Where once I saw a body, now I see and feel only love.

Drop that one into your heart-field. Speak it with sincerely while dropping your mind into the center of your chest.

It is like walking up to the ocean and then diving off the peer, plunging into her unfathomable depths, only to discover that we are the ocean, too.

We are drawn from the cloth of love, and we embody the whole of love inside our seemingly fragile and temporary human forms. But I believe the body was born to, its destiny is, to return to a state of embodied light. Where we simply broadcast the highest most penetrating vibration of love, that joy literally steps in and inhabits us.

Where once we saw drama, pain, heartache, suffering, and death – we now see all these as merely disguises for the one truth: that we are love now, and forever have been, and always will be.

I am infinite love. 

I was born from love.

I live in unlimited love.

I am loved, now and always.

I am lovable, always have been.

I am loving, it is my very nature.

I am love itself.

In this knowing, I am free.


Danny Peebles
copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind is a book that connects hearts and minds in the energy and consciousness of pure love – and all for the highest good of all life on earth.

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