Command #2 of The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind

I now flood the energy of universal love through my mind and body in all moments. I love myself unconditionally, and I open even deeper now to receive and give this love to all life everywhere.

This is command #2 of The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind. Tap your chest in a rhythmic manner and repeat the above command twelve times from the heart, and with passionate emotional intensity. The above statement is heart-infused with the energy of universal love. Each time you repeat it, not only are you building an internal state of transcendent self-love, you are also receiving this pure energy of love that is communicated into and through it on a perpetual basis — and all in ways that are for your highest and greatest good.

In the above command of the heart, we are connecting our human heart with our universal hearts. We are calling forth the deluge of love from our higher selves, and loving ourselves with that transcendent energy. At the same time, we are opening on an emotional level to receive that love, and to also extend the flow of that love to all life around us. So we are loving ourselves unconditionally, but also doing it as an act of service to all life.

Transcendent self-love is the antidote to narcissistic self-obsession. We are using the cells of our bodies, our thoughts, our memories, our experiences — all of it — as vessels through which we are communicating the highest love that we are, into the earth and all of life.

Transcendent self-love is the antidote to war and violence. Ground zero of this war is the cells and atoms of our bodies and minds. If we can end the war here, inside our bone marrow and red blood cells, tissues and memories, traumas and emotions — then we will come to witness peace on the outer levels of life. Inner peace leads to outer peace. It is never the other way around. We cannot force peace on the world and then hope to feel okay in our hearts and minds. We must feel and embody, know and experience peace inside, and then it will naturally extend outward. Peace comes from within and from no place else.

Command #2 of The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind is intentionally placed at the feet of awakening souls who want to anchor a deep and profound state of universal self-love inside their chests. With repeated practice, day in and day out, this loving connection with our higher self will blossom. We will love ourselves deeply, unconditionally, fiercely, passionately, and compassionately. This will lead to transformations in our health, connections, and abundance.

When you repeat the above command — feel into the ecstatic spiritual connection with everyone else who is doing the same thing in any moment in time, and in any place on this planet. We are all connected in the energy and consciousness of love. This is a magnificent truth to feel and to know.

Keep coming back to this page as many times as you like to repeat it 12 more times. As you do, it will become more potent, more magnetized, and more alive for the rest of us.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

The book:

The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind (a book that both connects hearts and minds in the energy of love to download and anchor the 8 Commands of Awakened Love, and also communicates and transmits that love for the immediate benefit of all life)

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