I believe in the power of love

I believe in the inherent brilliance of pure love existing inside the cells, atoms, hearts, and minds of every human being and every life form on earth and beyond.

I believe that we are all superhuman beings of pure love, with extraordinary abilities, powers, and insights. We are geniuses of energy, intuition, and joy. There is a giant of love inside every human chest. We are waking up to what is already there.
I believe that thoughts matter. I believe that the thoughts we hold in our minds, and more importantly, the thoughts that we anchor in our hearts and emotional bodies, literally create the world. If we want to see a more loving world, then we do that by holding more loving thoughts in our bodies, chests, and minds as our living truth. Then we will see change. Not before.
I believe that one human being, fully awake in love, can change the face of the entire planet.
I believe that being and living the love that we are involves fully embracing and feeling all emotions of grief, despair, anger — but from a place of loving presence. I believe in the power of feeling and releasing painful emotions, while moving away from gorging on and becoming addicted to them.
I believe that toxic collective self-hatred is destroying the planet, while at the same time, the flower of self-love is healing and awakening the planet to higher levels of compassion and understanding. Both are happening at once, and the latter will prevail.
I believe that joy is our birthright. We have an inherent human and spiritual right and duty to live our highest joy, express our highest joy, and give our highest joy to each and every moment of our lives. Feeing our highest joy takes as much courage to feel as our most painful emotions. We as human beings have what it takes to awaken into our greatest expression of joy.
I believe in practicing radical self-forgiveness on the deepest levels of our bodies and minds. As each of us comes to the peace of forgiving ourselves, then we will naturally extend more compassion to others, and this will ultimately be reflected in our relationships, organizations, and communities.
I believe that one human being can positively impact thousands and even millions of people through the deliberate and directed power and energy of love flowing through their heart, mind, hands, and body.
I believe that love is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent — existing in all times, and in all places, and with the ultimate power to help us heal, flourish, connect, and grow. 
I believe that human beings are intimately interwoven within the energetic fabric of love — and we can connect with and channel this love through the power of our heart-centered intent. This ability is in-born and can never be lost.
I believe in the power of sacred sound, AUM, and all beautiful varieties and manifestations of that sound. I believe that the sound of AUM, and all other cosmic sounds, carry the potent vibration of love — reaching beyond time and inhabiting all time and space as well.

I believe that the energy and consciousness of ever-increasing gratitude is the antidote to stress, fear, anxiety, ego-driven arguments, and even war. When one person truly lives gratitude, this energy spreads in circles of influence that reach the entire globe effortlessly. I believe that gratitude will change the world, and will do so with ease and grace.
I believe that the inherent power of love is overcoming the entrenched interests of hate and fear. This is happening without effort, without social pressure, without collective shaming, and without convincing other people to think like we do. But it is a process.
copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

PS —> These beliefs are a direct result of practicing, anchoring, and vibrating the 8 Commands of The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind within my heart, mind, and body.

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