Realigning with my intention to dissolve in love

After going through a period of being out of spiritual alignment with the energy, consciousness, and flow of Universal Love — I feel like I am now back online. I listened to The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer for the 2nd time, and I did a breathwork session with the lovely and gifted mystic Trine.

This seems to have realigned me.

It is so easy for me to forget my purpose, my overriding goal and intention in life: to dissolve my consciousness in the energy of pure love. Buying this and that, getting on Facebook, going to work, living my life, etc. — all makes it so easy to get derailed.

Last night, during sleep, I was actually repeating the commands in my dreamtime. I am so happy about this! This has made the day I am having much more rich, calm, and enjoyable.

Here is an intention you can tap into your heart, and activate with your heart — and all within this frequency and consciousness of love in which we are all joined:

It is my intention to dissolve my mind, heart, body, and ego in the consciousness, energy, and flow of universal love. I tap the center of my intuitive energetic heart, in spiritual harmony with others, to now activate this intention within all levels of my cells, tissues, emotions and mind. I now disappear in the rapturous light of ever-awakening love.

As you repeat the above statement, gently and rhythmically tap the center of your chest with an open hand. Feel as though you are literally tapping the words themselves inside your chest cavity. Deeply intend that your heart both 1) accepts and absorbs the statement, and 2) activates it on all levels of your mind and body.

Also see if you can feel into the energetic harmony, joy, and connection with everyone else repeating and feeling it within their body and mind as well. Love connects us all, whether we are next to each other in body, or whether we are thousands of miles away. We are all joined on this primordial, quantum, and ecstatic level.

For best results, keep coming back and repeating the statement, again and again. It is so easy to get knocked out of our purpose and sacred intention to be and embody love. This intention helps us instantly realign.


copyright 2018 Danny Peebles

Also, command #1 of The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind, is really potent and powerful way to re-affirm and re-connect:

The highest love that I am is now wholly awake and manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind.

This is a potent affirmation/command of the heart that is perpetually infused in the energy of pure love. Every time you repeat, feel, and energetically anchor it inside your chest, you are receiving this energy and connecting on a spiritual level with everyone else doing the same thing.

More about the book:

The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind

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