When it hurts the most

The hardest part of this process of radically reconditioning my subconscious mind is when I act out of alignment. In other words, when I am human and make mistakes. When I get mad, hurt, frustrated, stressed out — there is a part of my mind that says, “See, I told you so. Your highest love is not manifest within and as you. You are blankety-blankety-blank….,” and along comes the self-name calling.

To this, I call bullshit.

Practicing the 8 Commands of Awakened Love means that I get to be fully human. I get to make mistakes. I get to feel the full range of human emotions. I get to go through the heartbreaks, the betrayals, the regrets, the grief, the pain.

It is my honor and privilege to go through life without pretending that I am not going through life.

So when I make mistakes, I get to practice the 1st and 2nd commands — affirming that I am love — and that as love — I accept myself right where I am. I give myself some kindness and compassion. That is command #1. Then I get to be a conduit of the energy of love. I get to open my breath and my heart wide to the inner universe, and then I get to flood love through myself in all moments — not just for my benefit — but for the benefit of myself and all life around me. That is command #2.

But it’s not easy.

I am finding this hard to do today. When my heart is aching, hurt, but open — that is when I get to practice: The highest love that I am is now wholly awake and manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind. If my heart-center hurts when I say this, then good, it’s working. That is the precise moment when doing this work is most effective.

We are literally tapping these potent energizing commands into our bodies, where it is carving out a powerful space to live and grow in the roots and cells of our minds.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

Here is more information about the book:

The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind

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