The highest love that I am…

The highest love that I am is now wholly awake and manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind.

This is the first command of the Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind. It is a powerful invocation to our higher selves to anchor ourselves inside our bodies in every moment as love.

The highest love that I am…

This part of the command is an acknowledgment of who we are on the highest and on the deepest level of our beings.

is now wholly awake and manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind…

This part of the command is where we are making a commitment, moment by moment, to live our highest love. We are saying that love is awake inside our bodies, and that love is awake as our bodies. We are literally intending that our bodies and minds BECOME the energy of love, or perhaps better put, that we shed the illusions and remember that our bodies and minds HAVE ALWAYS BEEN the energy of love. Either way, there is a death involved.

The death of our separateness.

Of our smallness.

Of the illusion that we are insignificant.

Of our unworthiness programs.

This death takes courage, so working with this command takes courage.

It isn’t easy, but the rewards are amazing. With continued practice, we will begin to experience deeper peace, more fulfilled states of creative flow, deeper connections, and more ecstasy in our every day lives. But there will be unconscious globs of pain, sadness, and grief that will come up. We are plunging the highest love that we are inside the cells of our bodies, which has been a gnarly forest of old conditioning for quite sometime. So we have to have staying power.

The practice is to literally tap this command directly into our subconscious minds using the medium of our heart-fields and our physiology. Many experts believe that the body IS the subconscious mind, or holds the subconscious mind. So as we utilize our physiology to see, feel, and intend that this command is tapped inside the roots, cells, and alleyways of our bodies — then we are directly reconditioning our subconscious minds.

You can begin by simply repeating the command 12 times in a row while tapping the center of your chest. When you are done, relax and see how you feel. As you do this, 1) you are connecting on a heart-centered level with everyone else who is repeating it, and 2) you are receiving the life-force energy of love that is communicated into and through the command. It will heighten your vibration and dislodge stuff from your memories and from your subconscious mind that need to be released.

Come back again and again to work and rework the command into your system. There is more in the book, but for now, just begin repeating it.

With time, it will totally transform every area of your life because you will begin to remember you are love, have always been love, and therefore, are free, and will always be free.

So it is not the command itself that does the work, but your own innate intelligence of love that is awakening from within you, that is the mover and the shaker.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind is an energy space of love, and a broadcast of love. Each and every book in print is commingled on a heart-based intentional level with every other book — and the energy of love flowing through one, flows through them all. With this book, you have an invisible connection with everyone else tapping and repeating these sacred commands.

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