A new way to rapidly absorb the heart-commands

I have been feeling depressed, suppressed, sad, and lonely lately. It has been a quite deep process. A few days ago, I did an 8 hour period where I repeated, felt, and vibrated Command #1 as often as possible. It was quite intense. I did this in preparation for doing a full 24 hour blast (from 6 pm to 6 pm.) in the coming weeks.

But that 8 hour period left me feeling quite vulnerable, sensitive, and exposed. It has brought up a lot of grief and sadness. I also started taking CBD Hemp oil (no THC) and one night I had a lot of emotional dreams where I was crying, and it has also left me feeling kind of heavy in the head throughout the day. I don’t feel high from it, so no worries with my sobriety.
Nevertheless, I have discovered a new way to rapidly absorb the heart-commands.
I open the book to each chapter, take deep breaths, and skim my fingers over the words of the command 12 times while I also: 1) take deep breaths, 2) rapidly skim the command, and 3) feel the essence of the command anchoring into my heart-field.
I did this with all 12 commands, one right after the other, and I can really feel them humming inside me.
If you have the book, try this method. 
If you don’t have the book, try this method with your own affirmations.
This is a powerful way to combine 1) the mind (thought), 2) the breath (energy), 3) the body (physiology), and 4) the heart-field (love) to deepen these commands into our hearts, bodies, and minds. I am finding it quite enjoyable.
copyright 2017 Danny Peebles


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