The spirit-pulse to amp up this process

I am not really sure what I want to say today, except that I need to start sharing more on this blog. I am feeling a deep soul question arise in me, What are you doing? Is what you are doing in alignment with your overriding mission in life?

It is time to step up and really go for a deeper and more potent awakening in my life. There is a paragraph from a chapter of the book that reads as follows:

“There will be many moments in this journey together where we simply must tap into deep reservoirs of strength and courage and take the whole process up a notch. We are stronger, more powerful, and more beautiful than anything that may have happened to us in the past. We are stronger than our conditioning. We are larger than our stories. We are way more than we can possibly imagine. We are universal beings energetically clothed in our beautiful but temporary human forms.”

I am really feeling pushed by Spirit to take this process up a notch, especially when it comes to Command #1: The highest love that I am is now wholly awake and manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind.

I am feeling the spirit-pulse to do a 24 hour period of repeating this command continuously. I have an idea as to how I would do it. I would lock myself up in my small apartment in the mountains and simply repeat, feel, and vibrate the command for the whole 24 hours, from 6pm Friday night to 6 pm Saturday night. I would repeat it aloud for periods, in a whisper for periods, silently for periods, and I would breathe the affirmation for periods. If I had to sleep I would do short naps like for an hour, and listen to the affirmation with headphones as I slept.

Then I am feeling the further impulse to do 13 twenty four hour periods of repeating the command between now and January 1, 2019. Whew. In looking at this mountain, a part of me says, “hey, your life is not forever, you need to really amp up this practice for the benefit of yourself and everyone around you.”

My intention is that after the 24 hours, there would be nothing left of me but the vibration and consciousness of love.

Of course, this isn’t required for everyone — it is something that I am wanting to do for myself, because I am the author and teacher of this material, I want every cell and atom of my body to resonate with the truth of these command.

I want to be authentic and live what I teach.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

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