Stepping out – first video about my book

I was taking a hike in the mountains and had the impulse to record a video about my book. I resisted that impulse greatly. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to put myself out there. But I did it anyway.

I am also purposely leaving in the nervous moments, and a few flubs in speech. The whole point of this book is that we get to be fully human and divine at the same time. We get to embrace our nerdy-ness, our mistakes in speech, and our vulnerability. In this spirit, I am stepping out to practice what I teach. Not easy.

So here it is:

One excerpt deals with how we may experience blowback when we start intensely reconditioning our subconscious mind to reflect the highest love that we are, stuff may come up to scare us back into the basement of our comfort zones. With this book, we are stepping boldly into the wholly awakened magnificence of who we are, and this magnificence embraces all our vulnerable moments, all our fears, and all our courage.

There will be more videos to come. This is the very first.

The First Command:

The highest love that I am is now wholly awake and manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind.

Speak the above command with passion, power, emotion, and strength. Speak it aloud, in a whisper, and silently. Broadcast it energetically from your heart. Let it rouse the magnificent universe of love within you.

Come back to repeat it again and again.

Each time you do, you will be heart-connecting with everyone else reading this page and repeating this command in any place or time.

One incredibly amazing point about this book:

All copies of this book that are in print, are intentionally and energetically entangled in the name of love, and receive ever-increasing flows of universal life force energy (love) for the benefit of everyone who picks it up, reads it, or taps the commands into their heart-fields. Just by holding the book in your hands, you are receiving this life force energy for your highest and greatest good.

This love is flowing through the hearts and hands of myself and everyone else who reads it and sends their highest love through its pages.

If you are an emotional warrior, if you are feeling into the power of your own vulnerability, if you feel sad, broken, a mess, but still are committed to rising up in the magnificence of love that you are — then you have found the right place.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

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