We are spiritual bad asses and don’t even know it. Yet, that is.

It’s true.

We are spiritual giants in human form.
We are spiritual bad asses and don’t know it. Yet, that is. It is my intention to facilitate the awakening of our spiritual badassery within our every day, most mundane moments. That is why this book came into being.
The way to wake that giant within us is to internally declare with all our might who we are. It is time to stop taking shit from ourselves, from our fears and our patterns, and kick ourselves in the spiritual butt. We are already giants. It’s just the illusion, the delusion, the conditioning, and the habits that get in our way!
Excuse the F bomb, but it’s time to say Fuck That!
It’s time to stop hiding, stop playing small, stop tiptoeing around other people fears and feelings, and rise up.
Rise up in the awakening of that vast universal energy and ocean of pure love waiting to gush through our chests, hearts, minds, eyes, fingers, toes, and whole body.
The ocean is just waiting for our call, our decision, our courage, and our inner declaration.
In this mastermind of the heart-field, we start with this command. You could also call it an affirmation, a declaration, or an incantation ——
Command #1 – The highest love that I am is now wholly awake and manifest within and as every cell and atom of my body and mind.
Try it now. Don’t wait until you get home tonight. 
Now is the only time we have to remember the passion, power, truth, compassion, freedom, bliss, and joy of love that we are.
There is no other time but now!
Speak the above command with inner fierce authority that is encoded within you as an infinite spiritual being! Speak it twelve times in a row. Tap your chest, pound your chest, drum your chest as you do. Anchor it inside your body, your bones, your cells.
Speak it with the power of someone who is just finished with the bullshit, the fears, the stories. Speak it with the power of someone who is tired of being enslaved to past conditioning. Speak it with the rising heat and fire of your soul.
Speak it from the heart — and with such inner velocity that someone on the other side of the earth will feel your love.
Rise up!
copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

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