Love wakes up our connection with each other

I am so happy and grateful that I am continuing this incredible journey of the heart. Lately, I have been opening the book to page 16 and simply reading the list of 8 Commands of Awakened Love with searing concentration while I take deep and continuous breaths.

I do all three of these at the same time:

1. I fill my belly and chest completely with air… in and out… continuously… with no pauses between breaths.

2. I concentrate my third eye upon the commands with deep penetration as I read them.

3. I open my chest and absorb the commands into my emotional centers, chest, and body.

As I read, I am internally commanding that the entire list of commands are my living truth. On all levels of my mind and body, the commands of Being Love, Flow of Love, Vulnerability, Aum, Gratitude, Self-Forgiveness, Joy, and Service are now my reality.

Further — I am connecting with each and every beautiful soul, mind, and body who is repeating, feeling, and vibrating these commands in any moment in time. Love is omnipresent, so anytime I connect to these commands with a loving intent, I am connecting with everyone else doing the same thing. That is the absolute miracle and beauty of this mastermind.

To illustrate:

Someone in London, on April 3, 2018 is connecting with someone in South America on August 4, 2021, who are both connecting with someone in Southern Missouri on June 3, 2029. All three people are tapping their chests and repeating the commands with a loving intent — and in the omnipresence of love — are invisibly connecting with each other. As a result, the commands vibrate with even more magnetism and energy for all three people.

We humans are energetically entwined on the deepest levels of energy.

Love wakes up our awareness of that connection.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

This Mastermind of the Heart is for spiritual and emotional warriors who are here on this planet to amplify the energy of this love in a major way. This work isn’t always easy — is not for the faint of heart — but the rewards are truly worth the time and effort.

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