Where there is resistance there is the potential for growth

Where the resistance is the strongest, the potential for growth is the highest.

This is a truth that I am facing each and every day. This mastermind is emotionally challenging, but deeply rewarding for me. The 8 Commands are designed to facilitate the awakening of the wholeness of love that is already there.

We are already all the love that we could ever want to experience. In the beingness of love, we have everything.

The whole universe is cocooned inside the consciousness of love, and everything we experience is designed to help us move closer to the fulfillment found in dissolving in that love.

Yet, the resistance is strong. My ego fights it every day. My tendency is to crawl up inside my loneliness and not reach, not stretch, not connect. So I am a work in progress. And I honor myself for where I am.
The beautiful part is that we are all works in progress, and we are also the perfection of joy that witnesses that progress. We are both human and divine. Flawed and perfect.
All at the same time.
So here I am — moving forward — I am so grateful.
As these commands get anchored in the hearts and minds of more and more people — this energy field of awakened love will get stronger.
Relationships will become expressions of depth, feeling, joy, acceptance, and freedom.
Our bodies will radiate on more grounded levels with light.
Our minds will become attuned to creative impulses and insights, bursts and breakthroughs that get more and more amazing by the day.
The joy that we are will rise.
The trick is to just keep going — even if we are slogging through the mud.
copyright 2017 Danny Peebles
Click here to learn more about the 8 Commands of Awakened Love.

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