The unstoppable power of love

I am so honored and grateful to be a member of the human race at this moment in time. The power of love is truly unstoppable in its transformation of human consciousness. We are definitely in transition from the heavy stagnant energies of fear, apathy, and disconnection running the planet — to the powers of love, compassion, and appreciation running the planet.

It has been a difficult few weeks for me. I have continued to transmit the energy of love through my body and into the heart-space between my hands. I have continued to work with the 8 commands of awakened love. I have continued to love, accept, and embrace all the stuff that comes up as a result — to the best of my ability.

Awakening in love is not about being perfect and not making mistakes — but about allowing the perfection of love to be seen and felt through all our mistakes.

Lester Levenson, the one who originated the releasing methods, said “See the perfection where the imperfection only seems to be.”

This is hard when we are feeling stuff that appears not of love. Anger, anguish, apathy, grief, sadness, depression, pain, etc — these all seem to be contrary to love. However, love is the consciousness and energy that shines through all of these emotions, embraces them all, and brings a genuine compassion to them. Love accepts everything, and meets us where we are.

Not only will everything be okay, but everything is okay right here and now.

Everything is okay right here and now.

There is nothing to fix.

In accepting everything that arises from depths of my body and mind, I realize, awaken, and unleash the unstoppable power of love.

So today, on this Saturday, I am driving to get my precious step son and spiritual teacher, who is autistic, and bringing him up the mountain to our community potluck. He has always been. His consciousness is eternal. He brought me under his wings of consciousness and joy as I helped raise him from age 4 to age 20.

I didn’t raise him, he raised me.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

I am so honored and grateful to lay these 8 Commands of Awakened Love at the feet of that unstoppable force of love rising and unfolding through the hearts and minds of human beings everywhere. I certainly don’t have them mastered, but am working on it. I love you, my beautiful friend and human being — whomever you are — from wherever you find yourself reading these words. Your love is unstoppable!

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