Loving our vulnerable hearts

I finished a second round of editing out mistakes and redundancy of the book. It feels incredibly good to get my heart fully recorded on the written page. This book is more of a manual for the courageous heart. It is for the sleeping giants of love inside the chest of every human being.

I have also sent the love into the heart-space between my hands every day for 50 continuous days.

This feel good, but I have had some hard days. It’s kind of funny to say to the world, “Hey I wrote this amazing book but it is really hard to practice, and it brings up all kinds of grief and sadness, so hey!, please buy it and join the pain-train!”


At the same time, after tapping these commands into my system, I feel so much more grounded in my joy. I feel so much bigger in my heart-center. I feel so happy in doing what I love. Feeling waves of old grief come up surrounding my Uncle Joe’s suicide and my brother’s death, and… and… and… — all has not been easy. But now I am feeling like it is a privilege to feel it all.

Around other people, I get really scared. I like to be by myself. I feel like I have been hiding in the panic room of my house, while a holographic me is out interacting with everyone — the deeper me is hiding in the interior room that is walled with concrete and totally safe from any type of emotional harm.

Command #3 of this book helps us connect with, love, protect, and nurture our innocence and vulnerability. In this vain, I am honoring my inner child. He doesn’t want to be hurt, so he is hiding in his panic room. It is totally decked out with everything he needs, and he knows (I think so) that I love him. Trying to break down the wall and force myself into the caves of my vulnerability doesn’t work.

It never has.

Instead, it is my privilege to sit at the entrance and love the part of me that is scared and frightened of connection, and loss, and pain, and loneliness.

So I am going to keep working with these commands.

Being the love that we are does not mean we shy away from, or try to bypass, our emotional underbelly. Being the author of this book, there is a tendency to try and present a super happy and balanced person — so as to sell more books — but the truth is that this work brings up a lot — and I am often scared, sad, depressed, lonely — and I am also happy, joyous, free, and filled to overflowing with ecstasy — both are true.

As spiritual warriors, we are able to embody emotional polarities.


copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

This book is for people who willing to look into the face of all human emotions with a fierce commitment to embody the energy of unconditional love. Not an easy task — but we are up to that task. Yes — the slumbering giants of love inside these human chests — we are waking up — and we are up to it.

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