Our fierce commitment to anchor the highest love into the body

This mastermind of the heart is for spiritual, courageous warriors who are committed to manifesting a deeper awareness and consciousness of pure love within the cells and atoms of our bodies. These people come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. 

From lawyers to light-workers, from work at home moms to busy entrepreneurs, from artists to construction workers, from massage therapists to insurance agents, from inventors to poets. 
The outer form our lives take does not matter. 

What matters is that — deep down — we know ourselves as love. We are created from the very fabric of the divine. We are born of infinity, dance in infinity, and return to infinity once more. Again and again we come in and out of form with that dazzling light in our eyes.
More than that, we are not interested in bypassing our emotions, our problems, our relationships, our pain, or our challenges. We are here to embrace it all, and to live from a grounded state of the divine. We are committed to allowing love — the highest expression of our souls — to come through us– to live through us — to become us. 
This is beyond religion and beyond identification with a particular path. 
Love is the thread that weaves them all together, and all of us together. 
For myself, this process of awakening the love I am really took off in the fall of 2011. I went to a weekend energy healing workshop in Texas. During that workshop, there was an energetic exercise where we literally downloaded the fully realized essence of our goals into each of our chakras, beginning with the chakras that exist beyond the body, and proceeding down into the chakras inside the body.
My goal was to manifest the highest love that I am in every single area of my life, from my health to my finances, from my relationships to my creativity. Literally, within every last particle of my life, in body, mind, and spirit — love had to fully manifest. 
Little did I know, but the next six years would be the most challenging and painful years of my life. Everything crashed around me. Moving across 6 states. Getting divorced. Going through a deeply painful adoption disruption. Being suicidal. Lots of intense breathwork. Getting sessions from some deeply amazing healers. And finally coming to the point of getting my two books written. One, on reinventing my relationship with money and abundance, and two, The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind.
Right now, I am sitting in a coffee house in the mountains of Southern California. My daughter is playing spastically and energetically on the chair next to me. There is a huge line for coffee. My Love Manifest Now Audios are playing in my ear. My heart feels bruised, heavy, broken, sad — but with a clear, clean burst of love-energy flowing through it. I am also feeling enormously joyous, clear, and free. 
Yes, we can embody more than one emotion — as love is the energy that embraces and feels all of them.
I am committed to practicing sending the love through my hands (described in the book) and into the heart-space that I hold there. I am committed to tapping each of the 8 Commands into my chest and body every single day. It is time that we take the vibration of love within us up several notches — higher and higher. 
No more pretending to be small so that other people will love us.
This planet needs us — the spiritual warriors who are willing to face and feel everything — and love ourselves unconditionally in the process. There are so many of us — in fact — inside every human being is a giant of love waiting to wake up.
The beautiful thing is, that we are waking up. 
We are shedding our costumes of limitation.
We are remembering who we are.
And have always been.
copyright 2017 Danny Peebles
How about you? Has the energy of the divine totally rearranged your furniture without your consent? How has love shattered your heart and carried you to higher shores?

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