Yogananda on Affirmations

Paramahansa Yogananda on affirmations:

“Repeat it vigorously from low voice to loud, from loud to whisper, and lastly from a whisper to mental affirmations, until one feels that is he is repeating the phrase with varying depths of soul feeling —that is, until one finally realized the meaning of his utterance in every fiber of his being. This is at-one-ment with one’s own affirmations through audible and mental chanting. The moment the phrase reaches the superconsciousness and the inner intuitive conviction of the soul, a volley of energy will shoot down through the spine and into the body; the vibration of that current will heal body, mind, and soul, electrocuting physical disease germs, paralyzing mental fears, and conflagrating soul ignorance into ashes.”


That is the goal of these commands — total, embodied, deep, and profound liberation.



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