Day 24 — Love is Going Strong

I am so grateful that I am still going strong. Love is flowing through me — Love is going strong — I am the witness of this River.

It is Day 24 of a 12 year journey of transmitting the Universal Energy of Pure Love into the Heart-Space between my hands. My book has been printed and it is on the way.  I feel major momentum building inside me.

This planet is in full swing — from being ruled by fear to being liberated in love. I place my book at the sacred feet of future generations of super human hearts who will develop abilities, born in the energy of love, that will appear miraculous. But it will all just be “a day at the office” for the energy of love, which can do anything through the heart that realizes itself as love.

This does not mean emotional bypassing. It does not mean taking trips into fantasy lands of enlightenment. It means growing up from the marrow of our bones. It means feeling everything that is ours to feel while constantly reaching for higher and deeper states of being the love we are.

Myself, I have gone through several days of angst, agitation, irritation, anger, fear, and bewilderment. It feels like a lot got cleared from my cells and atoms in the past few days. It is all good.

I am also feeling deep sadness for all the “me too” posts on Facebook. Literally every woman I know has been sexually assaulted or harassed by men at some point in their lives. As a man, there is a big part of my mind that is blind to this, because I have not had to live that experience. Yes, I suffered through horrendous sexual abuse as a child, and was sexually assaulted on a massage table by a so-called massage therapist. But that is not the point.

The point is that women have to deal with this crap every day. They have had to endure this epidemic for centuries. So every time I see a “me too” I just breathe deeply, open my chest, and listen without words.

With love,


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