Day 22 — Digging in for the long haul.

This work is not about achieving a state of comfort — but instead is about being love fully in the midst of all discomfort.

It is about accepting all of our experience, painful or pleasant.

It is about embracing our bodies and all the feelings, sensations, emotions, and experiences that come with it.

It is about honoring our fallibility, our humanness, and striving to love ourselves and each other unconditionally.

It is about coming back again, and again, and yet again — to the breath, to love, to our hearts, and to each other. No matter how many times we fall, get sidetracked, deluded, derailed — we just keep coming back to the pulsating joy of love in our hearts that accepts it all.

In this blog, I vow to be fully human and vulnerable. I vow to share honestly about how I am doing from day to day. I will not pretend to be happy and content when I am really sad and angry. I will not pretend to be dancing on clouds of joy if I am wading through the mud of my cells and atoms. This is grounded work. There are no bypasses available.

I will be as raw and as open as I can — and share candidly about how these 8 commands are rearranging my cells, atoms, mind, and memories. I will share honest stories from my childhood as a way to illustrate specific points and principles along the way.

What will not be presented on this blog, ever:

~Political opinions of any kind. I am just not going there.

This is my commitment. Behind the outer dross of politics and opinion, are living breathing human beings doing the very best we can to live and thrive in a complex world. This blog seeks to honor the human inside the chest, behind all the masks that we wear. So this is a politics-free zone. 



copyright 2017 Danny Peebles

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