Day 20 — I am moving forward

I am so happy and grateful that I am still moving forward and transmitting the energy of love through my heart and hands every day. I am building this energy space daily.

This is day 20.

Since I began this new 12 year adventure, I have not missed a single day.

Also — I have published my first draft of my book, The Love-Awakening Energetic Mastermind. It feels fantastic. In this book, I have laid out 8 Commands of Awakened Love for the human heart-field. These commands involve awakening to the love we are, being a conduit of love, tapping into our vulnerability, channeling the sound of Aum, anchoring into gratitude and freedom, practicing radical self-forgiveness, awakening our ever-new joy, and holding ourselves and the planet within our heart-spaces of love.

I believe that these commands — these thoughts — can help thousands of people awaken to the truth of themselves as the love that needs no name or form to be. I offer this book at the feet of future generations of heart-awakened giants of unconditional love. I believe that the seeds of this great potential has been living inside us — and we are now waking up.

I am under no delusions of ego — because there are many books and many modalities to help humanity raise to higher states of functioning. My work is just one small piece in this greater tapestry of awakening. I am grateful to have put my book into circulation.

In a week or so, I will get my first draft for me to review…

In the meantime, I am building this energy in my heart and mind…



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