Day 3 — feeling great

It is now day 3 of my 4,380 day commitment to send the energy of love into the heart-space between my hands. I am nearing completion of my book, which I fully intend will hold and communicate a high charge of unconditional love to anyone who touches, reads, and works with the 8 commands of awakened love contained within it.

On this 3rd day, I stopped on my way up Highway 243 on my way back from court (I am a lawyer). I parked my car at the Lake Fulmer parking lot, and pulled open my heart-space and held it between my hands. I communicated love into this space for around 15 minutes. My minimum is 12 minutes every day.

I am hoping to do another session tonight.

I want to honor another “me” from the past — Danny of January 1, 2010. On that day, I made this very same type of commitment. I committed to send the love into my book, The Universal Life Force Energy Exchange, every day for 12 years. This was a book where I pasted names and photos of people and sent them the energy. It is an earlier version of my current work.

I think I lasted from 1 to 2 years. I totally honor this beautiful earlier version of me. He made a gallant effort. The changes that were coming to him were monumental. The emotional pain that was coming to him was excruciating.

The love that he sent for that 1 to 2 years helped him get through the next 7.

Now, I am inviting him into my heart-space.

Together, we are going to transmit the highest vibration of pure universal love into the heart-space between our hands.

4,377 days to go.



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